Cyber Security

Assessments Compliance and Continuous Monitoring

IBR Incident Response Team uses an organized approach to address and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack. The focus is to limit damage and reduce recovery time and cost, while working to include process improvement, root cause analysis, and solution innovation through feedback.

IBR’s Make it Real Assessments are performed using Agile, RMF, DevSecOps, which is a unique concept where security requirements part of the backlog requirements for evaluation and analysis as part of planning/categorizing/developing/design.

IBR provides architecture and system engineering security reviews, Control/assessment procedure technical testing, assessments, security program development and endpoint security services.

Our Make It Real Assessment Program consists of a framework that evaluates, provides risk report, and recommended risk treatment/solutions for implementation based on your current security posture and projected business needs/funding.

IBR performs commercial, Civil government and DoD government projects using associated guidance based on data processing.

Assessments included are reviews of information security policies and procedures, vulnerability scanning, compliance, and penetration testing. Annual compliance, scanning, testing and continuous monitoring are also services provided.