SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of gaining visibility for your website on search engines concerning the key words your potential clients might search for.

Having an effective SEO strategy asserts your business as the authority of the product/services it offers and subsequently ranks first on the unpaid (organic) results of the top search engines.

Approximately eight out of every ten people that begin their internet traffic begin at Google, Bing, and Yahoo to search for whatever they’re looking for. An academic study on user online behavior indicates that 91% of online searchers don’t even go to the second page of results on a search engine. 50% of searchers don’t even look past the first three results.

If your business isn’t ranking on the first page on search engines, you’re potentially losing thousands of customers to your competitors.

Mobile-friendly websites are pages that have been coded to scale properly not only on computers, but on smartphones and tablets as well.

With the transition of the majority of households having mobile devices, Google has begun to strongly favor mobile friendly sites in its search-recommendation system than to sites that are more difficult to read on smartphones. Meaning, if your site is difficult to load and is not deemed “friendly” by Google’s algorithm, your business will fall behind competition that keeps up with customer & search engine trends.

No website is the same, and likewise websites are coded fairly differently. Search engines send out “Crawl Bots”, which are programmed to determine if your website has relevant information geared toward your audience. Not only do crawl bots analyze content, but duplicate content, meta tags, h1 tags, and a dozen other elements of your website that most business owners aren’t even aware of.

It’s important to have a company that specializes in SEO and web development to audit your website and identify any issues on your website that may be penalizing your rankings on search results. Your business very well be suffering from your website without you knowing.

Imagine Believe Realize, LLC stands out among the competition by incorporating not only internet marketing, but web development, software engineering, mobility development, and can solve any technologic obstacles your business may be facing.

With graduates in the fields of everything from information technology to business management and marketing, our professional advisors have the expertise to help your company attain its long-term goals and stand out among the competition in your market.

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