Mobility Solutions


Mobile applications — whether for your customers, partners, or employees — are becoming an increasingly important tool for improving business outcomes. From the user's perspective, a mobile app should be responsive, natural, and easy to use; its security measures should not feel onerous, even when strong security is appropriate. But mobile is a harsh environment for security: Devices are easily lost, ease of use is at odds with tighter security, new features present new security threats, and wireless carrier network security may vary.

So, a mobile architecture solution should address the following:

  • Development approach
  • Mobile app granularity
  • Responsive user interface design
  • Online versus offline usage
  • Process integration
  • Social integration
  • Content awareness and use
  • Use of personas
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Trust enablement

At IBR, our engineers have experience working with federal customers in leading industry canvas initiatives and recommending a mobile architecture solution, providing a centralized management of various mobile applications that support large-scale mobile application deployment while also meeting stringent performance requirements.