Software Engineering


IBR And Salesforce

IBR's skilled Salesforce team is able to take the normal functionality of Saleforce and turn it into a customer solution that betters the customers ability to achieve their goals.

IBR created a custom recruiting application that built upon the core fundamentals provided by Salesforce. Through customization, IBR enabled the application to connect to legacy applications to ensure that no switching pains were incurred. IBR was able to transform the recruiting tool to be more robust and facilitate the customer to focus more on what matters most, their customers.

IBR created a custom service center application that took what Salesforce did well and made it even better. Much like the recruiting application, we were required to ensure that the new system was able to connect and communicate with existing systems. With our knowledge and guidance, we were able to ensure there were no gaps in transitioning from existing systems to the new customer focused Salesforce solution.

Why you need CRM and IBR

At IBR, we recognize that customers are the most important source of value to a firm. Our goal is for you to be able to be able to provide high quality services, and in turn, get the best value from your customers. IBR can facilitate this relationship through our expertise of salesforce and engineering. IBR will help make your firm get the best out of the Salesforce CRM platform by overcoming the common downfalls when implementing a CRM system.

  • Thinking CRM will do the work for you – CRM will provide insight into tactical decisions but can not make the overall strategy decisions of a firm
  • Using CRM before analyzing the problem – CRM enables business processes, but you must ensure your process can be enabled and bettered by CRM

These shortcomings normally come from a failure to plan. IBR's experienced Salesforce team will provide focus on your core areas. This will allow our team to utilize Salesforce in order to bolster your success.