Software Engineering


IBR And Liferay

IBR has a wide range of experience implementing the Liferay platform. Our system architects and software engineers leverage the power and flexibility of Liferay’s core software to meet customer needs while keeping costs low. In addition, IBR created custom software in the Liferay ecosystem to extend functionality while still taking advantage of the security and stability of Liferay.

IBR designed and developed a human resources portal for the U.S. Navy. We integrated the Liferay platform with a number of external Navy systems to create a single point of entry solution for the many functions a Sailor needs to ensure fleet readiness. IBR worked with its partners to transform a legacy system of many separate parts into a streamlined, highly available solution that won an award from the Department of the Navy CIO.

Why you need Liferay and IBR

Customers are the most important source of value to a firm; IBR wants to make sure that you are providing the best services to them and in turn getting the best value out of your customers. IBR can help your firm get the most out of Liferay and can facilitate this relationship through our engineering and design capabilities. Liferay supports a large number of capabilities, both standard and custom – IBR has the expertise to extend Liferay when required and fit everything together seamlessly.

  • Liferay is an excellent content management system, but needs administration – IBR can implement automated workflows and governance at the user and system level to keep your customers happy and engaged

With IBR and Liferay, you are getting an industry leading content management system and portal, along with a company that understands how to best create a solution for your company.